Monday, 21 April 2014

Don't shy away from death this Easter #napowrimo2014

"Tell the kids about Easter
About Jesus forgiving us all
But don't mention death on the cross
They don't need to know how we fall"

I disagree with this entirely
Kids need to know that He died
He was nailed to the cross as a criminal
And died as a man.  I won't lie.

"It'll scare them, give them a story
A simple one that they won't fear
We don't want to bring out reality
We're too scared of seeing a tear"

Don't fear, the kids they can hear it
They understand more than we think
I'll tell them the truth about life again
How He came back from the brink

Trust me, they will not tremble
It'll help them get death and life
The more we tell the children
The less they'll fear in strife


This is a craft we made on Good Friday with the kids. It starts with an egg shaped tissue paper base which they stick three crosses on.  It's then covered by another egg shape which gives Jesus' last words words on the cross "It is done" and opens to show that "He is risen".  The craft really interested the kids and allowed them to ask a lot of difficult questions about Jesus and death and heaven and Resurrection.

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