Monday, 21 April 2014

Which is the real me? #Napowrimo2014 #bipolar #mentalhealth

Which is the real me
That I hope to find
Am I darkly depressed
With a bright creative mind
Or am I creatively sparked
And depressively inclined?

I tend to think I'm jet black
Depressive at my core
Fighting to find any light
But it's hard to be sure

Perhaps the white is really me
Creatively full of hope
Who sometimes finds the black dog
And in the darkness grope

I'm challenged to think differently
To try and live in grey
It's hard though when for forty years
I've lived a black and white way

The Grey is apparently normal
A place where I can be
Living without extremes
Just normally happy
It seems horribly boring but
I'll have to wait and see

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