Wednesday, 11 March 2015

#40acts act #10 to #19 @40acts

I haven't been very well for the last 10 days
That doesn't mean I've stopped lent
Or that I've stopped with my 40 acts
But it means I haven't written here
So here comes a summary
I hope you're feeling alert
It'll touch on what I've done
The interesting and inert

Fix up
Look smart
Today we cleaned
Our conservatory sides

Writing little notes
I'm sure you're not surprised to hear
Is something that I do
For Rachel if far or near

This challenge is quite hard
In the life we lead
But I've been using a sports bottle
Which is one less bottle to heap

I don't want to sound special
Because believe me I'm not
But I take other's needs personally
I keep them near my gut
So today I've taken it further
I've made a plan for some months
Of how to help others reach out
And help others in their midst

The person I had thought of
Does not believe in God
Yet their email arrived today
And we will meet now, I'll speak of love

I'm not into quoting scripture
It's not something that I do
But sharing God's love widely
Help's others see His truth

This we did today
Us and three friends
We went to pottery painting
And chatted with busy hands

There are many BOGOFs in the shops
And we took advantage of every one
We brought the extras into church
As donations for the food bank

Today Rach and I apologised
To each other we must say
We were both feeling narky
But we forgave for a happier day

I've been in touch
Again today
And I won't stop
No matter what you say

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