Sunday, 22 March 2015

#40acts act #20 to #28 @40acts

I spoke to one new person
They looked strangely back
I don't think they liked it
But they didn't give me a slap

Oh yes
an excuse to be silly
dance in the garden
blowing bubbles (thanks Penny)

Give time to a cause
I do that every day
But today I'm spending time
With my laws - it's OK!

Today we're asked to pray
For what we know about
I lead toddlers today in prayer
They stood quietly, didn't shout

Go chocolating!
Yes they've made it a thing
I had a mothers day truffle
Oh what joy it brings

Today I spoke to a tattooist
Asked their opinion about a cross
They were a wealth of knowledge
It felt good not to be the boss

Give a bear hug
Don't ask me twice
Many were given today
And yes they felt real nice

Today's been a big day
Of milestones for my girl
I'm allowing her to spread her wings
Widening our circle in the world

Be generous practically
Today I changed the beds
It might not sound like a lot
But it is when it comes to my meds

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Michelle Twin Mum said...

Hello, long time no speak. I hope you are wel. I've really been enjoying the #40acts his year, so varied and such interesting writers. Mich x