Thursday, 8 October 2015

Tears Poem v2015 #nationalpoetryday

Tears were welling in my eyes
Tears of shock, a bad surprise
I couldn't believe I'd had the news
Please forgive my watery blues

Tears were flowing every day
Tears of baby, gone away
As I opened sympathy cards
I couldn't stop, it was too hard

Tears still come, now and then
Tears of grief, that might not end
But with God's help, reduce enough 
That I will smile, won't feel so rough

Tears just show that I've been hurt
Tears like these can heal my heart
So when you cry, don't turn away
Tears can flow freely here today

This is a reworking of the original poem Tears from my book "This is my story; This is my song".  I will be reading this at the Babyloss Remembrance Service at Reading Minster this Sunday afternoon.

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