Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thank you for saying that you're thinking about me @bbcberkshire #blaw15 #SayingThanksBLAW15

This year, for Babyloss awareness week, the miscarriage association have asked us to share what people have said to us which have helped when we've been grieving our miscarriages.  This is less about "what" anyone says and more about the fact that people can say almost "anything" because it's being alongside someone that means so much.

Well this morning I went on our local BBC radio station to talk about my four miscarriages and about the service of remembrance we are holding this afternoon in Reading Minster.  I also shared about friends who texted to let me know they were thinking about me and still do this on the birthdays of my babies.

Thank you for saying ... You are thinking about me ... It meant more than you'll ever know.


If you'd like to hear my story including how the miscarriage association helped me so much, hear my poem which I'll be reading at the service this afternoon and hear about my ministry to encourage churches to support bereaved families then follow this link and I'm on from 2hrs 8mins.

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