Thursday, 12 November 2015

Symptom #3 Pain

Pain, weakness and exhaustion are the 3 worst things that I was dealing with, until my vision problems.  Of course I was being given pain killers by the GP but they either didn't work or put me to sleep.  Most days I'd cope without relief and then take a dose one evening to get a good nights sleep knowing I'd be hungover the next day.  Just this week I have been prescribed a specific nerve pain killer and it's made a huge difference; although I still have the constant aching pain I no longer have the vibrational and shooting pains.

So where is the pain?
Head - I have had a constant headache for over five months which shoots down my neck and back like a firework.  At times this headache has been like a migraine with nausea, but I think that's unrelated.

Eyes - since my vision was affected I've had pain through my eye balls and just above my eyes.  I also have to be careful not to look to the left or right without turning my head because that causes pain in my eyes.

Left Arm - I've had stabbing pain in my lower left arm for months and then pain through my wrist and fingers associated with the weakness.  When the arm feels heavy then it will often develop pins and needles which is a very weird feeling.

Left hip, knee and ankle - I've had pain through my left leg from my hip down most of which I'm sure is compensatory because of my fear that the leg will give way.  I also have to be careful that I don't stand or walk awkwardly and make the right side hurt.

MS hug - I didn't know that this was what it was called until I read about it but it's a great description.  Every few days I feel like I'm being squeezed tightly and have pain when I breathe.  It has scared me more times than I care to mention but is yet another MS symptom.

What a complex disease this is; the symptoms move and evolve and change.  Here's another of my zentangles to express the confusion and frustration.

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