Thursday, 26 November 2015

What I can see: People #blind #ms #photo

I have been trying to describe to people what I can see since my eye sight has deteriorated and it's not at all easy to put into words.  So, inspired by the images Ann Memmott creates to explain her visual autism, I have been playing with some photos to try and show what I can see at the moment.  It hasn't been an easy thing to make these images because .... I can't see them very well ..... but with Rachel's help and the wonders of photo apps and a lot of zooming in and out I think we've got as close as is possible.  I am naming these posts "what I can see" and hope they'll be useful for my friends, colleagues, church, family and other people who are experiencing sight loss or would like to know what it's like.

The first photo I am posting is of my gorgeous Rachel.  One of the hardest things to deal with emotionally is not being able to see her eyes or freckles properly in real life; but thanks to my phone and the possibility to zoom in on photos I can still marvel at her beauty.

So, this is what the photo looks like, and what I used to see until about a month ago.

And here's the photo, zoomed in and blurred to the level of sight I have when I'm this close to her.

And then here's the same photo as I actually see it, thanks to the loss of my peripheral vision.

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