Thursday, 12 November 2015

Symptom #4 Exhaustion

People talk about invisible illnesses and MS can be one of them when the main symptom you're experiencing at any point in time is exhausting.  But believe me, exhaustion and fatigue is one of the worst symptoms of MS.

I've started to break my exhaustion into two forms.
1. MS exhaustion
This is part of MS and results in me starting many days with no energy when I wake up. It might be due to pain or lack of sleep or for boo rational reason I can find.  In spoon theory terms, I can start the day with 3 spoons and that's what I need just to get through to lunch without doing anything.  On days like that I resign myself to rest and some work on my tablet if I can get my brain to function. 

2. Pain killer exhaustion
This is the hangover element which I referred to in the pain post earlier today.  Most pain relief is wonderful but it comes with a kick back and that is fatigue the next day.  I hate this with a vengeance and its the reason I take very few pain killers; I'd much rather plod on through pain and then schedule a down day for relief than have lots of pain killers and then suffer afterwards from the relief. 

I know Mike and Rachel find it really hard to understand the fatigue and exhaustion part of MS and I think it's the symptom which is most likely to negatively impact my mental health.

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