Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How accessible is my blog? #disability #images

This image contains a word
Can you read it?

Most of you will say, yes.  But many of those who are visually impaired can not read the word.  This is because they need to use screen reader software to "read" for them and this software has enormous trouble reading images. 

I am lucky, I can use my zoom software to make the image as large as I like to read the word.  And I thought I had made it clear enough that it would be accessible to everyone.  

But I was wrong.
We all need to better understand what it means for our websites to be accessible.  

Here are some simple tips:
provide a good level of contrast
write in plain English
use a clear font with good spacing
explain all images and videos in text
provide the text for any sound files

I hope this encourages you

(encourage was the word in the image)

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