Saturday, 14 May 2016

How are your eyes these days? #poetry #DrSeuss

Oh the things 
That people say
The words I wish 
Would go away
You don't look blind
How are your eyes
What can you see
Can you see the skies

And patiently 
I answer them
But very soon 
I won't pretend
That it doesn't annoy
And doesn't offend
Because those questions
Will usually send
Me over the edge
Into wondering if
Anyone knows
What it's like to live
With little sight
And lots of pain
And yet they ask
Over and over again

How are you feeling?
You seem OK
I'm glad things are better
Not so bad today?
And what do I say?

Tell me what do I say?
To make you feel better
Coz I think that's it
You want to know
That I'm not so sick
Because that's easier
Than having to see
Really what it's like
Living life as me
And realising
I'm making the best
Of what I've got
I've still got the rest
Of my skills and talents
And beyond the aches
I can use my brain
That's no big shakes

So how are my eyes?
No better, no worse
I'm getting on
I don't feel cursed
In fact I feel blessed
To have technology
And by the way ...
I am still me!

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Victoria Welton said...

This poem is so full of strength and determination. It must be so hard sometimes telling people how you really feel - when they don't always really want to hear the truth. Superbly done. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

Anonymous said...

I used to think that Dutch strangers spent an awful lot of time complaining about the weather. After about a year I realised that a comment about the weather was really just an invitation for a chat... about anything really, least of all the weather. It's a way of saying 'I don't want to impose or intrude, but if you're open to chat I'd be happy to hear something about how you're experiencing the day or life in general.

I think the same is true here. People don't know what to say and how far you want to go, how much you want to share. By saying you don't look blind, they might be wanting want to cheer you up (clumsily, I'll admit) or wanting to hear more about what it's like being you (they don't know). It's an invitation for you to tell them... about the whole you.

Next time someone asks about your eyes, just ignore the actual question and describe what you are feeling at that moment about life, love, Rachel, Mike, travel, illness, vacation... anything really. Well... not post-childbirth haemorrhoids (that was too much a switch from grey skies... learn from my experience :-P). Let me know how it goes.