Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Prayer Zone #prayerspaces #prayforschools #childrenswork #thykingdomcome


On Monday 9th May 2016 the Loddon Prayer Group, with support from REinspired, transformed the Loddon Primary School outdoor classroom into a prayer zone for parents, carers and children to visit.

From 8am until 4pm we welcomed over 250 adults and children to
- Offer the power of prayer and the comfort it brings
- Share the blessing of giving and receiving forgiveness
- Hear and pray for their hopes and dreams
- Receive their worries and bless them with calm
- Welcome them as part of God’s family

Over 150 prayers were written down and placed on one of the installations; dozens of faith conversations were held and many hundreds of prayers were dropped as stones of forgiveness into water, shaken as glitter asking for calm and blown as bubbles to God on the wind.

This day of prayer was a blessing to those of us who facilitated the space and to the school and its community; we look forward to providing it at Loddon again sometime soon.  We hope the sharing of this inspires other schools to ask for similar prayer spaces and more churches to offer them.

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