Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Conservation farming in Malawi @tearfund

We've all heard about climate change
Melting ice caps and unseasonal rains
But have you heard of the other side
With droughts affecting those in poverty?

This is the situation across Malawi
Crops fail leaving families hungry
Tribal leaders come asking for help
Tearfund introduce conservation farming

Farmers are given drought resistant crops
Hardy, sturdy, with a high yield
No longer will they have no harvest
Their families tonight they'll feed

This is making a difference
This is a success story
Farmers are feeding communities
Across large parts of Malawi


This poem is written for Tearfund to celebrate the success of Conservation farming in villages in Malawi. The scheme is being delivered by Tearfund partner Eagles.


Anonymous said...

This is spot on, well done for sharing this great undertaking

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful, thanks for sharing it with us

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of poetry but this really gets across the emotions of the situation, you might have me converted

Anonymous said...

glad to have found you, amazing poem and such an important message for us all to hear

john said...

praying that more of this can be provided where needed

maggie said...

we read this at church and prayed for the extension of the provision of drought resistant crops. God Bless

Emma Day said...

Great poem, highlighting a very serious issue and raising awareness of a great organization.

Thankyou for linking up to Wednesday Words x