Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tonight I howl

Tonight I rant
No hints
Or subtly
Tonight I tell
Like it is but
Shouldn't be

Millions suffer
In pain
Millions die
To the bone

Thousands beg
For it
To change
Thousands shout
"Do you have
no shame?"

Hundreds hoard
Hundreds run

Majority silence
Majority apathy

Every one
Of us
Is damned
Unless ...... Every one
Of us
Will stand


This is my howl, my rant, my take on social commentary as an ode to the works of Allen Ginsberg.  It's linked up at Real Toads where you'll find lots more rants and howls.


Kay L. Davies said...

AB-so-LUTE-ly, Emma.
Your last stanza says it all, it sums up the totality of our helplessness.
There is so much wealth — huge wealth — tied up by conscienceless corporations — that we are powerless. We are eating food that can kill us, drinking water that can kill us, dependent upon hundreds of thousands of items containing petroleum products.
My heart bleeds when I think of the children being born today, whether in darkest Africa or in the best hospitals in North America — what kind of world are we leaving for them, if we leave one at all?

Sam Edge said...

Great rhythm and content. Love the rant :)

Hannah said...

Powerful close, Emma. Yes, united people are powerful people.

Maggie Grace said...

As angry as we all are, if we all stood up, it won't change Congress who is stalemating every change that would be good. I feel like the only power we have is to vote democrat so Obama can get some good things through before he leaves office. "The people" have spoken loud and clear but too much power on the other side of our values. Great expression of your views. Got me all riled up again ;-O

Ella said...

Bravo you captured so many things we think everyday~
I loved it!

Margaret said...

and there are so many "foot soldiers" that do try to help and make a difference - and they do. But yes, there are also far too many who turn a blind eye...

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is wonderful, Emma. The piece has a great rhythm and rhyme, which gives it an almost chanting quality - I could easily picture a rally with your words the stirring cry for change.