Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Me and my daughter disagree with @joswinson

Over the last few days
Jo Swinson's been super busy
Talking about women's issues
But I'm afraid I can't agree

First there's the issue of ambition
She wants us to aspire to more
Perhaps many of us women
Think careers aren't all that life's for

Take myself for example
I was at the top of my field
But when I became a mother
Business life no longer appealed

I no longer cared about success
Or a house that was perfectly styled
What mattered most to me now
Was bringing up a happy child

I didn't want to use a nursery
Leave her nurturing to someone else
I wanted to be at home for her
Give her values far beyond wealth

I sold my company with no hesitation
I gave five years to this girl of mine
I never regretted a second
My reward was to see her shine

Now at nearly seven
She's secure, happy and bright
Whilst she's at school I volunteer
Helping community in its plights

Which brings me to Jo's second issue
One even closer to my heart
This is about body image
And how to give girls the best start

"Don't call them beautiful" she tells us
"It fixates them on how they look"
Yes, if it's your sole praise of them
Please stop reading from that book

Most of us praise them constantly
Building our kids self esteem
I'll tell my girl that she's beautiful
And bright and hardworking and keen

Stop telling us parents how to do it
You're over simplifying the task
Leave us to love them and cherish
Or better still, for advice - us ask

We know what it is to parent
And we take it seriously
That's why we aren't so ambitious
Please stop criticising me


You'll have seen that my poems have been quite "rant filled" this week.  I can't tell you how good it feels to write down these annoyances I feel about those who rule our countries and feel they know what we need and want.   For more of Jo Swimson's thoughts visit her website.

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Sonya Cisco said...

I quite agree. All children should be told they are beautiful, amongst many other praise worthy attributes!