Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day

In honour of Mike
Fathers Day

My girl's number one man
Fathers Day

Giving kids
Unconditional love
Fathers Day

Showing kids
What love really means
Fathers Day


Dear dad
I miss you
Today as any other
I love you
Though you're not here me to father
I wish you
Could know how much I hurt
I know you
Can not duty desert
I forgive you
For all the ways you fail
I love you
Although we are estranged
Until I see you
Within my prayers you remain
Love Emma


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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very sad, Emma. Relationships are so difficult. Hopefully with time comes healing. I love your first poem, and am so happy that you have a good partner to build your life with.

Lisa Williams said...

As Sherry said, relationships can be so difficult. Forgiveness can be so hard but is freeing. Lovely poems!

SaraV said...

Emma, relationships are difficult, and forgiveness is all that we have to get past it. (in my humble opinion) Your poem is straight from the heart and very touching.

Akila G said...

Very touching Emma. I loved the way you worked your way on both the sides