Friday, 10 January 2014

#31PoeticFormsIn31Days #10FreeVerse

Have you ever run?
Nor I, until this week
Can't even remember running
Round the field or through the trees
Cross Country runs were torture
Until I learned to hide
Coming out at the end
Using brain still coming last

For all the years from then to now
I've never felt the urge
Never even wondered why
Thought others were absurd
In that time my legs forgot
How to run without fall
All that remains, a nightmare
Of going no where at all

But now I'm trying again
Mostly I think I'm mad
But perhaps this will teach me something
At least I'll know I've tried
Three times a week I'm out there
Trying to pick up feet
Trying to catch my breath
Trying to get more fit

I hope to learn to like it
I aim to run 10k
I've months to build myself up
Bit this ain't child's play
What if I push too hard
Or don't push hard enough
I'll try to stop worrying
Just keep going out doing my stuff

A Free Verse is literally free.  It may rhyme or not; may have a set rhythm or not. It is free.

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