Saturday, 4 January 2014

#31PoeticFormsIn31Days #4BlankVerse

Broad bean of mine so large you grow this year
Your skin bright green looks soft yet rough to touch
What taste will you give me if I you cook?

Can you forgive my act if I serve you?
Broad bean of mine I long to taste you now
If raw perhaps will you forgive me more?

And if I don't then how long will you live
Without your leaf you age and so will die
Broad bean of mine enjoy your fate on plate

Broad bean of mine you were so good to eat
Such depth of taste you gave me here today
Your home I'll tend and grow some more next year

A blank verse poem has lines of five sets of two syllables.  It's a poem without rhyme, instead the focus is on the rhythm or pemtameter which mimics the heartbeat :
de DUM de DUM de DUM de DUM de DUM

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