Friday, 3 January 2014

#31PoeticFormsIn31Days #3Ballade

What a relief it's Friday
The end of a working week
It may only have been two days
But the weekend's still a treat
Coffee, papers and comfy seat
Time to visit with a friend
Makes relaxation compete
Oh how I'm looking forward to the weekend

What a relief it's 5pm
Time to relax at last
Should I choose a spa called zen
Or a walk around castles past?
Whichever it is don't be aghast
About this I can't pretend
Saturdays aren't for rushing fast
Oh how I'm looking forward to the weekend

A Ballade poem has a strict rhyming pattern and form of three stanzas and an envoi.  Each of the stanzas should follow the rhyming pattern abab.  Whilst the envoi follows bcbC.

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