Tuesday, 21 January 2014

#31PoetryFormsIn31Days #21Rondeau

You are such an imposing sight
If we see you should we flea or fight
We stand watching you in awe
You could knock down our door
Yet still we stand rooted to the floor

As we watch we are filled with delight
You see us as we're standing in the light
Perhaps it is us who are poor
Why do we always need so much more

We'll leave here today, out of sight
Drive off to our lives through the night
You'll be secure behind your door
Until tomorrow when you'll see more
Of us longing for freedom and delight
Knowing it's there for us, there in the light

The rondeau poem is 15 lines long with each line having eight or ten syllables.  The lines are arranged in three stanzas — the first with five lines (quintet), the second with four lines (quatrain), and the final with six lines (sestet).

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