Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Letter to an unknown soldier #poetry #1418now

Dear soldier

You stand and read my letter
With mud around your feet
With guns blazing in your ears
Fighting war we'll ne'er repeat

I don't know you, you don't know me
But now we're bonded here
I write with love and prayers and hope
That you will feel no fear

I write to you in support
For all you give for us
Despite the fact I don't like war
I'm proud of you because

You went abroad to the unknown
Afraid, of that I'm sure
Followed orders, fired your gun
Slept on a dirty floor

You give it all, for all of us
My thankfulness is great
I just wish I could tell you
No wars are in our fate

This ain't the end, it doesn't heal
The rifts that man will make
But know that you're remembered
One of millions that are great

And as I write this letter
Peace is in my heart
Because you gave so much for us
We rule out war from the start

This is written as part of the 1418now project.  Find out more and read letters by thousands of others at their website.

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