Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The word made flesh online

Jesus was the word made flesh and as disciples we are called to embody that same word.  We are called upon to share the good news of Jesus with the world and we have a world of choices for how we do this.

Even twenty years ago there were only two main ways to share the good news of Jesus; you preached in a church or you wrote a book.  Compare that to the options today and it's as of a communications volcano has exploded.

Today, without even leaving my lounge, I can tell the world about Jesus in the following ways:
- book
- radio
- television
- websites
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google plus
- Podcasts
- YouTube

This is the communication revolution.  The world is full of noise and information and competing issues all the time.  We as the church need to keep up and make sure that we are in that communication loop.

Somehow as communication has developed we've been left behind.  It seems to me that this happened because there was fear about what this new technology might lead to and h how it might change our established churches.  But those who have moved with the changes have seen growth in church.  Church online, church on TV, church via YouTube, church in its myriad of forms.

Jesus was the word made flesh.
Jesus was the word told to the people.
We need to use technology to share the reality of Jesus with our networks because within there are seekers desperately looking for the answer to their questions of faith.

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