Wednesday, 27 January 2016

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I've posted briefly on MS Calling about my experience of Lectio Divina yesterday.
As most of you will know Lectio Divina involves reading the same passage of the Bible slowly and repeatedly whilst listening to what God wants you to hear from it.

Well I couldn't read the passage, it was too small and the church was dark and my phone didn't have enough signal.  But I trusted that God would find a way for me to hear from Him.  And He didn't fail me.  The passage from Hosea was read aloud at the start of the session and I asked God to speak to me in that reading and He gave me

"How can I give you up?" Hosea 11:8

And then He gave me an endless supply of words, almost like a song more than a poem, which I wish I could have recorded some how.  It went on for the full 15 minutes of the session, just an endless succession of positive words prayed over my head and heart.

I've sat here today, stuck because the evening after the session went a little wrong, asking God if He will give me the stream of blessing again.  And I've decided that I'm going to sit here with my eyes closed and just touch type whatever comes.  Who knows what will happen, but here goes....

How can I give you up
I have called you by name
you are precious to me
and you always will be
even when you have doubt
I won't let you down
I'm there by your side
Keeping you in sight
Endlessly with you
I'll never abandon
Above time and space
I'm invested in you
and I trust in your patience
and I know you can cope
and I hear you in tears
and it hurts me within
but know you're not alone
I'm never going to leave
Forever you're mine
and you have much to give
just keep on going
even if you're crawling
I need you on my side
throughout all your life
it won't always be this hard
and I won't let you down

I have to say it just didn't flow like yesterday and it leaves me feeling a bit disappointed, but perhaps it's not meant to be something which can be recorded, it was meant to be a blessing poured out.  So I'll just leave this here and hope it makes some sense to someone apart from me.

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