Thursday, 21 January 2016

National Hug Day: 5 poems on the theme

Today is national hug day
I'd had five by lunch
Two from my own Rachel
Which I value very much

Every month that passes
She steps that bit away
But hopefully there won't come soon
A no hug sort of day


She hugs books
Doesn't care about the looks
Be they heroes or crooks
They grab her with their hooks


A great friend doesn't care
What mess your life is in
They walk in come what may
Blessing with a grin

A hug is quickly given
One which fixes all
And suddenly your messes
Seem not quite so tall

I hope that I'm that friend
To others in my life
To give back what I receive
In mess, trouble or strife

Inspired by MommysMeTime


A hug
Glue for the heart
Fixes the broken bits


Heal all pain
Should be prescribed

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs


Brown Boss said...

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Ethan.n.Evelyn said...

What a lovely poem! I love hugs too! x #meandyou