Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Greenbelt 2011 - dreams of home

As we look at the car packed up and ready to go home I am not so much "dreaming of home" as reflecting on the amazing weekend we've had.

A couple of people commenting on how out of character my previous post was, and reading it this morning I guess it does sound quite down, but that's how it felt then.

Then there was Monday reflection and the realisation of it being over for another year; suddenly all that I've enjoyed is my focus.

On Friday it was a joy to be a church group together, especially as we set up camp in the dry.

John Bell kicked things off properly, then Greenbelt Jacket Potatoes by the main stage with Martyn Joseph in the rain made sure we knew we were home.

Saturday saw Mike come to experience a day and it was great to show him it all; we Made and Take(d), listened to scientific theological debate and jigged to music delights.

Sunday morning was the low point, I realised how much more the festival could be if we were a complete family.  But The Rising cheered me up and spiritually uplifted, as did time with friends I never get time to really char with.

Monday was fantastic; music, comedy and chill out.  This day felt like pure Greenbelt for me and reminded me why it's such a spiritual home.

There's loads I didn't get to do, too many people I didn't get to see; but I'm only one girl with two hands and two feet.  

Based on that, with Rachel in tow; I can conclude completely that at Greenbelt 2011 I didn't dream of home.

But when I'm home; I'll certainly dream of Greenbelt 2011.  

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Battersea Boy said...

Yes, Greenbelt 11 is over. It passed all too quickly and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I've been helping (as a volunteer venue manager) for a few years (was in Festival/Film again this year), but this was the first time my wife, Sue, volunteered (she was a venue steward). As a result, we missed many of the things we would have gone to, had we been ordinary punters.