Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pray for Israel; Pray for Palestine; Pray for Peace

The news has been full of the current conflict in Israel, Gaza and Egypt over the last week; yet again the middle east is in dire straits. I have been praying that the conflict can be calmed down and a way forward found, as I am sure many millions have also been doing.

THEN I notice my twitter stream going nuts with #prayforisrael. I assumed that this was all in good taste and that the hashtag was about praying for peace; how wrong I was. Whether it started with good intentions or not, this morning it has turned into a twitter war with #prayforisrael on one side and #prayforpalestine on the other and even #prayformurderers floating around.

What is wrong with the world; especially the twitter world?
Are there not enough problems without war online?
Why does it have to be one side or the other?
Are arguments, let alone wars, that easy?

I would rather that the world put down sides, opinions and racial and faith differences in favour of .....peace.


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