Monday, 29 August 2011

Greenbelt 2011 has been less about people this year

Greenbelt is always fun, always exciting, always challenging, always different.  This year it's challenged me to be alone (except for Rachel of course) and in this has allowed me to find the people I need at any given point.  This year, Greenbelt has given me a taste of the part of ministry I fear, the separation from others.  

I've found the experience tough at points, but I can also see the reason and benefit of the time, process and learning.  It's part of the being quiet a d ready for and with God; moving away from being quiet but busy; to being really ready to receive.

What I've learned that I will take with me most are two fold:
1 - I need to remove my own expectations - they don't help, tend to disappoint and can hold me back from just being in 'the now'.

2 - being in the now involves accepting and enjoying what comes; rather than wishing myself elsewhere I need to learn to see the reason I am where I am.

As came to me at 1am this morning I am where I'm meant to be, as I am, good enough, ready to absorb.

I do regret not having met more than 2 twitter buddies though.  Oh well, sometime soon, I hope!

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