Monday, 27 May 2013

Depression versus Poems

Inspiration - gone
Creativity - missing
No words
No rhymes
Brick wall I am hitting

Is this how it goes
When mood is stabilised?
Don't like
Not right
Productivity vaporised

Everything is calm
Depression now lifted
No anxiety
Lots of life in me
But where is my poetry?


You might have noticed that I'm barely writing poetry, or anything much at all.  It's not lack of time or lack of subject matter, I just can't seem to get poems to work at the moment.   I'm pretty sure it's my mood stabilisers which address sapping my creative edge, but they work on stopping my depression.

So I'm left with this debate:
Creativity or depression?

Which would you choose?
Have you had any experience of this?
Might it change with time?

I miss my poems.


VaNdAnA ShArMa said...

worry not , it will come soon...

aprille said...

I've heard this before. Would like to make some points here:
1. You wrote the most outstanding poem for ascencion day, not too long ago.That sort of achievement would last me a life-time if I were ever fortunate enough to produce it.
2. When you feel you can't write, then fill your available time with reading.
3. You know in your mind that this is only temporary, so relax.
4. I'm sorry you are having downs, but you also know the ups are worth some hardship on the see-saw.
Wishing you strength and acceptance, dear Emma.

Charleen said...

Sometimes you just have to write. Even if its not great. Sometimes you just have to let the words flow. And you might be surprised at the end result.

kaykuala said...

It's not so much a question as it is a thought! It's just a passing episode that'll solve itself in a jiffy. And you'll be on again! Nicely Emma!


Gail said...

Well done, I think.

I have the same battles. May we all find the answers.

Lisa Williams said...

I think this is very common with writers, sometimes we're just creatively drained and although the silence is uncomfortable, our voice returns after a break. You have described this yearning for writing wonderfully. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this when I am happy I tend to what to go out do things, rather write about them. I am much more prolific when Depressed but I am glad you are happy

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Emma. Dare I say "dilemma" without it sounding like an accidentally deliberate rhyme?
I know what you mean. I wish I could provide and answer. I have found sites like Real Toads give me a prompt or challenge to write, and even if I look at what I've written and know "it ain't art" I post it anyway. Our Toad friends are not judgmental.
Yes, I have experienced depression, more than once and sometimes to the depths of despair, but I have (often to my surprise) lived through it, and even lived through the "cure".
Time. It sounds so trite, but sometimes truth is trite.

Susan said...

This is a great poem. Keep writing what you feel AS it seems to work. Smile.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I have had many times when poetry slowed to a trickle. I found that simply beginning to write - whatever comes - over time slowly greases the wheel and it begins to flow more easily. You write wonderfully - and not many of us produce masterpieces every time.....but it is still good to try, and to share........personally? I would rather feel more stable and write with less anguish, than feel horrible and write "better" poems. Am sending you a hug, anyway. Just keep writing.........we need you!

Jinksy said...

I think the urge to write comes and goes for everyone - but doing something else instead is better than stressing about NOT writing! :)

Jim said...

I'm sorry, Emma, your that your muse is shirking. A good whipping might prod her along.

Your words haven't dried up so string some out. Then cut them up evenly or raggedy mannered for a rough draft. Sense may come boiling out without help from that muse.

Best wishes!!!

Maggie Grace said...

I have written of my own depression for years. In the past year, it has lifted...especially recently. I'm writing about the healing now. I can go into any emotion. Depression might be lifted but so many other emotions...worth a try? Great write delving into this creativity impasse!