Friday, 17 May 2013

Diet dilemma

I'm on a diet
Have been for a month
Trying to get my head in the game
Put less in my mouth to munch

I'm losing pretty well
But I've a dilemma I must face
Is loading quickly the way to go
Or should I choose a slower pace?

I'm very Black and White you know
Not prone to middle ground
But I have to take it steady
If I'm too lose my (tummy) round

You might not believe it's possible
But even girls as big as me
Can suffer anorexia
Can't let it get hold of me

So I'm committing to a healthy plan
Eating calories calculated carefully
Lots of fruit, veg and meat
Will in time produce a smaller me

1 comment:

Unknown said...

A great poem, thankyou for linking up to #WednesdayWords

I hope your diet battle isn't too tough. Incidentally - eating slowly is best for your metabolism as you start to metabolise it, whilst you are still eating and is often a good weightloss technique.

I am struggling with my low-iodine pre-radiotherapy diet - I'm barely allowed to eat anything! And I need to try not to lose any weight as I am already underweight!