Thursday, 23 May 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

The sky is dull and grey
It's going to rain for hours
But at least the plants can grow
Cheering me with their flowers

The car keeps costing me money
Nothing's every cheap
But at least I can afford it
It doesn't keep me from sleep

I'm more a taxi than a mum
Taking her wherever she needs
But at least I can be a mum
For which I'll be forever pleased

My carpet needs a clean
And everything needs a polish
But at least I have a house
We don't live on heaps of rubbish

I have middle class problems
They're nothing in the scheme of things
I'm thankful for all I have
I will celebrate and sing


Linked up at Reasons To Be Cheerful at Mummy From The Heart.   And look, being cheerful has brought out the sun.


Lous Lake Views said...

Love this. Well said and so true!

Joanna Henley said...

That is wonderful! You really should get out of my head though?! haha x

Bright Side of Life said...

Your poem was a nice one
Witty and very real
Balanced between woe and fun
Stand up and sing with zeal

Sophie's Trains said...

Haha the piles of rubbish made me chuckle. Yea I am glad about that too, even if I do wish everything were a bit shinier.

Ruth said...

Lovely post, plenty of reasons to be cheerful in there, and how wonderful to see the sun at last!

You'd get on well with my son - every time it rains he also says 'oh well, at least the trees and flowers are getting a lovely big drink' - it's a good attitude to have!