Thursday, 9 May 2013

The days prelude

Awoke early
Bleary eyed, confused
Birds singing spring celebrations
Leaves rustling, nature's percussion
Head heavy with dreams unfinished
Emotions raging
Now ebbing

"Sleep well?"
I'm not sure
"Busy day?
What's in store?"

Alarm clocks ringing
Children stirring
Day beginning
What ending?


Kerry at real toads challenged us to write a prelude poem.  I couldn't even begin to figure out how but put fingers to keyboard and this emerged.


Ella said...

I could feel my day stir like yours and wondered how will it all end?!

Hope you get the ending you want ;D

Kerry O'Connor said...

You convey a mood of uncertainty and even dread as a new day dawns. This is very intriguing for the reader.

Grace said...

It can either go good or crazy ~

Hope you have a lovely day ~

Aprille said...

My, Emma, you got some momentum going here...
Now you are obliged to finish this off with something stirring :-)

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, the prelude to a of life's mysteries, because there is always something unexpected, whether large or small.
Well said, Emma.