Thursday, 19 February 2015

#40acts act #2 chinwag @40acts

It is the second day of lent and the 2nd act of #40acts, today entitled Chinwag.  Everyone who knows me can imagine the smile that came to my face when I was challenged to "chinwag".  In fact I'm not sure it's a challenge for me, it's more like encouraging me to keep on doing what I love to do.

The biblical reference for today is "You shall love the stranger" Deuteronomy 10:19 (NRSV) with a reflection which talks about how we are often lonely in our own communities, how we are distanced by something so much more than geography and how this creates separation and loneliness.  I am a chatter, a talker to stranger, an embarassment to Rachel and Mike who would rather I stayed stum than chat to the lady in front of me at the checkout.  Yet I haven't cultivated real relationships with many of our actual neighbours.  So today in poetry I will be doing something to change this.

Love the stranger
That's OK
Say hello
Check they're OK
But when it comes
To something more
It can be hard to knock
On the neighbours door
There's something about
Whether it's socially right
To develop friendships
With those in sight
But I don't know why
It is so hard
So this lent I'm going to
Post a card
And follow it with
A ring of the bell
And an invitation
Who can tell
Whether anyone will come
To an open house
But it's worth a try
Though silent as a mouse
Mike will probably be
Because he's shy
And doesn't like to be
Centre of attention
Or host at all
But I'm sure in the end
He will walk tall
And we never know
It might just change
The way our close
From now behaves
So watch out neighbours
Don't think I'm crazed
Please come for a cuppa
And if comfortable stay

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