Friday, 27 February 2015

#40acts act #7 hold it lightly @40acts

Today's a real challenge
About the stuff we own
I'm not bothered about the Jones'
But getting rid makes me moan

My clothes all go to charity
Along with books and toys
But items given by people
Clutter up my many shelves

So I'm asking God to show me
Things that I value too much
Things I really should give away
Even if it feels quite tough

Then I'll give that item
To someone or a charity
For them to treasure themselves
I wonder how that will be

Then I'll make a list
Of all the stuff that clutters my life
I'll really try to thin it out
Even if it causes me strife

This is living lightly
I know it will be hard
But I'm sure I'll learn lots from it
So I'm off to make a start

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