Friday, 20 February 2015

Day Forty Five #asthma #mentalhealth #diet #healthyeating

Not feeling great
Really tired
Horribly itchy
And pretty down

Went out last night
Had lovely time
But a 100 yards walk
Left me broken

I feel so scared
Of what might be
What if it doesn't improve
What will become of me

What if? isn't useful
I know that to be true
But it's going round my head
Making me feel blue

I want to trust
One day at a time
That I'll feel better
And I will be fine

But the doubt is huge
It stomps over trust
Leaves me wondering
Will I regain health

I think perhaps
The easing off
Is causing a dip
In my mental health

Which is to be expected
But doesn't help
So I'll turn to prayer
And ask for your help

Please pray that I
Will retain hope
That I'll stay in the day
Not sit and mope

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