Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Day forty three #asthma #mentalhealth #diet #healthyeating

Oohps it's been
More than a week
Since I've been here to post
That's mainly because
Rachel knocked her head
And so I was busy
Looking after her
But it didn't mean
That I slackened off
Because mostly I didn't
Until Valentines came along
And then I got chocolates
And it would have been wrong
To throw them away
So I enjoyed them yesterday
And now that is done
And through the weekend
I ate what I pleased
Which resulted in the scales
Staying just where they were
And that is OK
Because this is a life change
And life has to be lived
In all of its forms
There's other stuff to share
Which has me quite scared
I'm withdrawing from
My stabilising form
Of tablets because
They're doing me in
And although
I know
It's right
To this
It's scary
Very scary
So I'm fearful
But OK
For now
At least
And I'll
Keep you briefed

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