Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Day Thirty Seven #asthma #mentalhealth #diet #healthyeating

I'm still here
Five weeks down
I'm not giving up
No matter what I'm thrown

Another pound
Has been shed this week
It's slow and steady
That's what it takes

And this week
That's been a miracle
Because it's been full of stress
Stress about my health

Some routine bloods
Came back not good
Almost all my organs
Are in shut down

My mood stabiliser
Although good at its job
Is attacking my body
I'm loosing physical health

And as for options
There don't seem to be any
I have to make a plan
But how do I make it?

I either keep
My stability of emotion
Which means risking
Heart attack or stroke

Or I loose that stability
But improve my health
Although there's no guarantee
That that will work

If I think too much
About this decision
I'll loose my mind
So instead I'm plodding

Plodding on
Making the right choices
Hoping that will help
Me find better health

And you may ask
Where God is in this
I'm sure he's close
Though closer I wish

I pray for healing
And others do the same
I know this'll lead to something
Hopefully not pain

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