Monday, 4 April 2016

Circle the World #AtoZofBlessings #AtoZChallenge

Circle the World Lord; 
keep hate without, 
keep love within,
keep fear out, 
keep courage within, 
keep darkness out, 
keep light within;
Circle the World Lord.

I'm also writing an
A to Z of MS at MS Calling

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying both blogs. thanks for sharing, I don't know much about MS. have learned lots already. Take care ;) xx

Donna McDine said...

Absolutely lovely prayer! Thank you for sharing such heartfelt emotion!

All Natural Chicago said...

This really is a sweet post. I like the kindness of your project. Keep up the great words/work.

This Mum's Life said...

A lovely, positive message! Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink!

My Petit Canard said...

A lovely prayer, thanks for sharing on #MarvMondays. Emily