Monday, 7 February 2011

Miscarriage and Still Birth

I know I've posted on it before, and no doubt will again, but the news today has brought baby loss very much back into everyone's minds. So let me start with prayers and thoughts for Amanda Holden and her family as they grieve the loss of their baby.

I have suffered four miscarriages in first and second trimesters, the loss of these babies was the most traumatic experiences of my life and have shaped the life I now lead. I see each and every birth as a miracle now, how could it be anything else when for so many pregnancies birth is not guaranteed. I value human life above all else. I thank God for each successful healthy birth. But more than that I attempt to raise awareness of miscarriage and still birth where-ever I can.

I am a telephone support for the Miscarriage Association and run an annual Service of Remembrance for the Babyloss awareness week. I speak about my experience as part of my life, which it is; and hope that this means that people know that it is much more common than many believe. If even one person can reach for support or help support someone else they know, then my sharing is worth it.

So today as we think of Amanda and her family I also ask you to think of the charities which support families who will not their children grow up. Please support the Miscarriage Association and SANDS.

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Anna said...

Hi Emma, Thanks for raising this. I had an early miscarriage in 2009 and was blessed to find myself pregnant again a couple of months later. Even though it was early I was still devastated and considered that being a life - a life that didn't make it in this world but one of God's precious creations nonetheless. The Miscarriage Association were wonderful.