Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday school joy

7:48am Sunday 27th February 2011

Rachel: is it Monday?
Me: no, it's Sunday
R: yeah, it's church; is it God Squad (Sunday school)?
Me: yes, I'm doing it this week
R: wow, I'm so lucky, it's sad other people don't get to come to church and join us in God Squad

I'm recording this for posterity.
It might not last through her teens (or it might, who knows) but at age 5 she is thrilled to go to church and join all her friends in Sunday school. St Nicolas, Earley: great Sunday school as voted by the kids!

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Anna said...

How lovely, Emma! My little Dan - 2 3/4 - really seems to enjoy church at the moment too and I just hope and pray he always will. I think he's going to get a surprise when he realises not everyone goes.