Thursday, 8 December 2011

British Newspaper Archive

How exciting, a massive volume of British Newspapers are now available and searchable online.  You can now search for articles from the start of the 18th century until the mid twentieth century.  I am properly thrilled.  However I have let myself and everyone else down by making my first search of this fabulous archive my own birth date; how little imagination have I got?  But it's shown me all sorts of interesting things that have happened on the 13th December through the years, apart from my own birth that is.  Here are some highlights.

13 Dec 1851 - a child made a miraculous escape from a well in Scotland.

13 Dec 1773 - preparations were being made for the Queen to start her lying in at Buckingham Palace.

13 Dec 1902 - the second anniversary of the battle of Nooigedacht.

what can you find?

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