Sunday, 4 December 2011

The worst christmas wreaths I've seen

Whilst researching the previous post I was shocked how many different advent and christmas wreaths there are online and how far they range in terms of taste.  Of course this is all my own taste and choices, but in my opionion these are prime examples of where christmas has got lost in the midst of craziness. 

So here it is ...... How NOT to do advent and christmas wreaths.

I suppose a good use of old christmas tree ornaments, but still no excuse

Reindeers, really?
As a bit of a crafter I like the felt and colour, but this pushes it all too far.

I don't know where to start,
perhaps someone ate all the tiny toys and vomitted them out at once.

Compared to the last one this is almost tasteful,
but then you see the clown and broken old toys and shock kicks in.

I'm sure this sounded like a great idea at the time, but it really hasn't worked.

Let's take all that's good about an advent wreath and kitsch it up with a gold stag.

Modern art?  Use for old bottles?  A child's project?
Whichever it is, it falls short I'm afraid.

And winning the award for absolutely the worst advent wreath ever, here is the advent app for your smart phone.  All the beauty of a wreath with none of the warmth, taste or risk from flames.
The world has truly gone mad when people buy this!

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