Saturday, 31 December 2011

A year and a half

It's new years eve, end of the year
Another gone, will I shed a tear?
Well yes, I might this time around
Coz 2011 has been totally sound.

It started just like any other
With hope and joy for one another
And then reality did hit
And down to my desk I did sit

One more course still to complete
Another deadline I must meet
But by spring all that was done
Studies complete, courses gone.

A year of formation I did start
Trying lots and taking part
Quickly all of it came clear
God gave a nudge, my time was near

Plans they flew around my head
Of work to do where I was led
So I set out to do it all
Perhaps too much, but I don't fall

A summer of family and chillaxing
Brought some clarity and axing
I thrashed my plans about a bit
And came to know how it would fit

My ministry clear by the autumn
I could see a diary with space & room
For family, friends and even me
A future of balance is the key

Of course amidst was preparation
For what was full of such elation
My licensing was ├╝ber-tastic
God filled, tear filled, just fantastic

And afterwards my life was changed
I knew my path, my life arranged
Not by me you understand
But by a greater guiding hand

Oh what great joy there is here now
To know I'm held, loved, guided how
I will love and work and play
Through each year, month and day

And so I wave the year good bye
A year outstanding, such a high
And welcome in 2012
Excited for all that it will hold

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