Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 at LLM Calling

As we approach the end of 2011 I have been reading endless lists of the best of and the worst of 2011; so I thought I might as well join in and list the top most read posts from the blog this year.

1. A Caring Society
A post I wrote in response to the crisis in the social care system in the UK; it was my first real rant online and it seemed to go down a treat.  I'm not sure I did any good, but from the sheer number of people who read the post it must have raised some enthusiasm for the fact that we need to start caring properly for the people who need help in our society.

2. World Aids Day Flashmob
One small word, Aids; one crazy idea, Flashmob; one vicar who took the idea and flew with it; and not a lot of people who actually turned up.  I started out thinking no one would come and I was shown to be right in the end; and that would have been OK if I hadn't raised my hopes and expectations in the mean time.  All I hope now is that some people came to be more aware of HIV Aids by our actions and you tube clip.

3. LLM Forum
I was surprised that this had been read by so many people, after all it's notes from the Licensed Lay Ministry Forum.  But looking through the searched terms it becomes clear - making disciples; what it's all about.  It clearly strikes a chord with people.

4. Jesus and the Riots
What Would Jesus Do?  A phrase which was over used by a generation before mine but which I find myself thinking a lot.  This was my reflections on how Jesus would respond to the riots whilst I watched the TV news in confusion about both sides.

5. Journeying with Mary Day Sixteen
Perhaps unsurprisingly the words "wrapped him is swaddling cloths and placed him in a manger" are searched A LOT in the days and weeks approaching Christmas.  I was surprised to see so much traffic searching for answers at this time; and thrilled, absolutely thrilled.

6. Osama Bin Laden RIP
How can celebrating a death every be right?  A question I tackled, one Rachel has asked subsequently as our news shows dictators toppled, and one which I have no answer to.  But I'll keep raising the issue.

7. Royal Wedding
We all love a royal wedding, and according to the search stats those who love it the most are the Americans, high from over the pond.

8. Campaign to show respect
What a great idea, to show respect to people through our words and actions.  It sounds easy but I know it's not, but we all have to start somewhere.

9. Would Jesus mock the rapture
It's another what would Jesus do, and this one raised quite a lot of debate on facebook and twitter.  I still stand by the fact that Jesus would not have mocked the individiduals who were sucked into this, although he would have condemned the leaders.

10. About Me
This isn't actually coming in at number 10 numerically, it comes in much higher, but I remain gob-smacked that anyone would want to visit the extremely short piece about who I am.  Makes me think that I really should update it, but I don't feel much enthusiasm to do so.

There you go, these were the top 10 of 2011 on LLM Calling, they might not have been yours and if you have a particular favourite I'd love to know what and why. Thanks for reading.

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