Thursday, 29 December 2011

Gift of Time

This year Mike and I finally followed through with our many times discussed plan to not buy each other christmas presents but to instead give each other time in the year ahead.  Seeing as how Mike works during normal working hours and I work odd hours, including evenings and Sundays, we spend much less time together than at any other point in our years together. 

Many people might say this is the recipe for wedded bliss, and a few years ago I'd have agreed with them, but in reality we miss each other and we're loosing the special connection between us.  Add to this a slight issue of belief and life priority differences and the fact that I give my life to God's work and you can see that time together, connecting and enjoying mutual experiences, is a very good idea indeed.  All we really need is time together.

Of course none of this would have happened without a very firm shove from someone who knew what I needed to hear, spiritual direction is such a tonic.

So this year we gave each other joke presents from the pound shop and have instead arranged to cook a meal for each other once a week, go out together once a month and have a weekend together several times a year.  To get things started I've booked a night of comedy for March and arranged Rachel to have a sleep over in January. 

The gift of time is truly what we need and I look forward to enjoying it.

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