Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Let cancer patients fight cancer

No doubt you've heard the plans to reduce the cost of Benefits to the UK economy, good news many of us agree. But have you heard one of the plans is to target the sick?

Not just those pulling an elongated sicky; no! Also those who are seriously depressed, chronically ill and ..... Those fighting cancer!

Can you believe it?
As if it's not enough to be fighting a life threatening disease by taking the most toxic drugs available, now you have to fight the system as well.

I am outraged, how can this be the way to save money?

Macmillan Cancer Support has taken the issue by the horns and is fighting it; they have organised a petition. If you want to see cancer patients protected then ....

Join me and sign the Macmillan Cancer Charity petition

Let's make sure the really sick are supported in their healing.

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