Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Children's Prayers for HM The Queen's 90th Birthday #church #sundayschool #accessible

Logo in honour of Her Majesty the Queen's 90th birthday designed by Lucas Salinger, aged 10, from Potten End C of E Primary School in Hertfordshire.

The liturgical commission has published approved prayers which Her Majesty The Queen has approved for the celebration of her 90th Birthday later this year.  Two prayers (or Collects) have been published in traditional and modern forms as can be found on the Church of England Website.  The Church of England has also produced resources for street parties, birthday celebrations and school assemblies as found at the Church Care Website.

But I couldn't help but think there was a distinct lack of prayers to be used in our services with children; or indeed for those of us running Sunday School sessions for the Queen's Birthday.  So I rewrote the approved prayers in a more accessible format; and here they are for you if you'd like to use them.

Father God
You have been with our Queen Elizabeth every day of her life for 90 years, thank you.
Today we are celebrating her birthday around the world, please give us all your love.
Please help us bring peace and happiness in the world as Jesus taught us.

Heavenly Father
Thank you for keeping the Queen safe all the way to her 90th birthday.
Thank you for being with her as she has worked for you and for all of us.
Please keep loving her and helping her every day.
And please fill us with love and peace across the world as Jesus taught us.

God who gives us everything we need, thank you for the Queen and her long life.
Bless our food,
Bless our homes,
Bless our community,
Bless all of us celebrating together.
Please show us the people who need love and care in our community so that we can help them.

Loving God
Give our Queen strength and show her where you want her to work.
Bless our food,
Bless all of us celebrating together.
Please show us where you want us to do your work.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Emma - just what I need for an all age service tomorrow!
Pity the C of E didn't think to produce any.....