Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Garden Bird Antics #poetry

The EU Referendum has been causing me great anxiety and so I've been spending time in the garden trying to focus on the local and centre myself.  This has been a good thing to do and has led to a few poems about what was going on around me.

Bird Feeder Gossip

It's 5pm
On a summers day
Time to meet
Hear gossip of the day

We all hang out
At the feed station
Share latest news
Over our daily ration

Tweets about bats 
Latest news on cats
Down low on dogs 
Squirrel warning facts

Here together
It's one for all
But care is needed
So we don't fall ....

Into the patch
Of the local moggie 
He waits till late
Even if it's soggy

Listening in
Getting the goss
We let him keep
Thinking he's the boss 

But he's not. Oh no
He's in our power
We're up high
In our wooden towers

Whilst he can try
To bring us down
Most of the time
He leaves with a frown

So here we meet
Gossip, plan and eat
He can sit on his seat
Safely there at our feet 

RSPB Bird Feeder

Blackbird Blessings

Blackbird up there in a tree
Thank you for singing to me
Blessing me with songs so sweet
Floating down beneath your feet
I do not know
What they say
But please never
Take them away
Your tones connect me with the world
Imagery round my mind swirls
Of woods I used to walk within
Thank you for such a blessing


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