Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Servant Queen Poem #poetry #HMQueen #Christian #Prayer

Last month I was thrilled to discover that the book "The Servant Queen and the King she serves" was available in large print, braille and audio CD from Torch Trust and ordered a copy of the largest print and the audio CD.  The book, written by Mark Green & Catherine Butcher and published by HOPE in partnership with Bible Society and the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, takes a closer look at the Queen’s personal faith in Jesus and the impact it’s had on her long life of service to the nation.

I've listened to the book several times since it arrived and have been surprised how moved I have been by the Queen's trust in Jesus, prayer life and calling to her role as Queen by God.  It has inspired me and you won't be surprised to hear that this took the form of poetry.

Queen Elizabeth II
Is ninety years old this year
She has always been a Christian
She keeps Jesus ever near

Her most favourite poem
Speaks of trusting entirely in God
Reaching out into the darkness
Seeing His light filling the world

In the book written for her birthday
The Queen talks about Jesus her King
The King she serves and follows
And holds highest above everything

She talks about valuing prayers
Said for her round the world every day
Feeling God's love and inspiration
And receiving blessings in many ways

The Queen's seen a world of changes
Of disruption and trouble in lives
But through it all she is never discouraged
Because she knows that God's love survives

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