Friday, 3 June 2016

Lord's Prayer Colouring Sheets #messychurch #VI #adultcolouring

I have created some Lord's Prayer colouring sheets for our PPP Messy Church on Sunday.  I know there are loads all over the internet but these are designed specifically for those of any age with visual impairments and for the youngest members of our church family.  If you find them useful then feel free to use them.

I will be creating more colouring sheets of bible verses over the coming weeks because I can't find any which I can see well enough to colour myself.  Turns out it's as relaxing to create them as to colour them.

This is an even more simplified version for those who prefer it.


James said...

Why the 1662 version of the prayer?

Emma Major said...

It's my favourite version and the one we use at church no matter what age anyone is. I guess I'm traditional with some things :)