Thursday, 9 June 2016

Yesterday (praying it away)

This came to me in a few minutes as I was waking up this morning.

The background is that yesterday was a very rough day missing Rachel, who is away in France with school for a week; and feeling extremely overloaded with lots going on at church.  But yesterday evening was mums and more home group where we're following Brian Maclaren's "We make the road by walking" and we were looking at chapter 44 all about self care.  I opened up about my feelings and received amazing prayers and prayerful advice.  I pray that this blesses many others who read this as it has blessed me.

Yesterday (praying it away)
To be sung to "Yesterday" by The Beatles

Yesterday all my troubles got on top of me
I was tempted just to hide away
But I asked for help, yesterday

Suddenly, I am not alone in my stress
There are great women praying for me
And it really helped, yesterday

Why, I always forget, to ask for help, I just don't know
When I say something's wrong, people pray and I'm okay, ay, ay, ay

Yesterday, prayers took the fear from in the way
Now I don't need a place to hide away
Oh I believe in praying it away

So when you're overwhelmed, just reach out and ask for prayer
Do not second guess yourself, just ask a friend to pray away, ay, ay, ay

Yesterday, prayers took the fear from in my way
They can do the same for you today
Oh I believe in praying it away


Here are the original words from a recording in 1965.


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